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AMT Vision Statement

I established this business because of my love and admiration of vintage, antique and unique collectible and decorative items. As my collection has grown larger, I hope to share with others these wonderful items that were produced in a much simpler era. The appeal of these sometimes imperfect items comes from the fact that they were made when people put their heart and soul into the products that they produced, much like works of art. They crafted pieces by hand with pride using quality materials, with much time spent perfecting their specialty. Each piece was produced to last, as they have. The other appeal of these items is their scarcity, we possess something unique to decorate our homes or offices with that not many others have. In this world of mass produced, cheaply made, throw away items, these vintage and antique pieces are real gems. “Green” seems to be the trend and since the materials used to make these wonderful works of art were taken so long ago, this is my way of recycling.

Won’t you join me!!

AMT Pricing Policy

The prices for these unique pieces are based on quality, condition, rarity and cost involved. We provide you with a lovely vintage or antique piece that is ready to hold and use the minute that you obtain it, no labor involved. We provide the labor for you. AMT finds each unique piece, imports or transports them, cleans them and researches their history for you, so that you are able to just sit back and enjoy these wonderful pieces of history.

AMT Definition of Approximate Age

(When items are researched, we try to deduce an approximate age for them)

Old : This term just means that the item is not new and believed to be less than 25 years old.

Vintage: This term means that the item is believed to be approximately 25 years or older.

Antique: This term means that the item is believed to be approximately 100 years or older.

Ordering Process:
Click the “Contact Us” or “Make an Offer” button on each page for the items that you are interested in purchasing and AMT will send you an invoice which will include any tax, shipping, handling and insurance expenses due.

Payments Accepted:
Visa, MC, Discover, Amex (via PayPal), Personal Checks, U S Money Orders and U S Cashiers Checks are also accepted. When you receive the invoice, if you would like to use PayPal, follow the link provided in the e-mail, and sign in to PayPal to confirm payment and shipping details. Items will only be shipped to confirmed PayPal addresses. Items purchased with PayPal will be mailed within two business days of payment. If paying by check please include a copy of the invoice or write the item # (s) on the check and send payment to the remit to address on the invoice. Payment by any form of check will have a 7 day waiting period before shipping item.

Shipping Policy:
Shipping rates are not included in the price displayed for items. Because each item is unique as to size and weight, rates vary. If you would like a quote for shipping, we will be glad to e-mail you with one. AMT ships via USPS priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation required for all packages. Credit card purchases will be shipped within two business days after payment, any form of check payment has a 7 day waiting period before items will be shipped. In the rare event of a lost or damaged item, the shipping company is responsible for its error and the buyer is responsible for filing an insurance claim. AMT will do everything that we can to assist in processing your claim. AMT is not responsible for the performance of any shipping company. We package professionally and securely with sturdy packaging materials to ensure that your item(s) arrive, as they left us.

Sales Tax:
Sales tax will be added to any Ohio Resident purchases.

Return Policy:
The items that AMT sells are unique, valuable and sometimes irreplaceable.  Because of this: All sales are final !!  We are very thorough in examining and describing each item and it’s flaws. Please read the descriptions and look at the photographs before purchasing.  E-mail any questions that you may have, we will be happy to respond.

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